BDK babes in Bimini

sexy babe

sexy chicks

I was so excited to hear that my best friend got sugar baby of the year. I love how BDK spoils us. I couldn’t believe how Papi king made sure Lena and I both were well taken care of and sent for me on the most luxurious private plane money can buy. Papi king gave us a nice coach bag to hold some cash in but to hold the jewels he gave us a one of a kind Hermes Birkin bag. Most sugar babies only dream of having a Birky. Our BDK makes things happen and shows us all the finer things in life. We were popping bubbly we loved that dom perigon. Lena and I were a bit buzzed, but we always keep it classy sexy and we make sure our BDK is feeling the king he is, We had to brag about us being in Bimini Bahamas. We stayed at a 5-star resort and made our Papi feel so comfortable. The anaconda couldn’t contain itself. It has a mind of its own. Two sexy chicks in custom Versace bikini’s with our BDK’S initials had anaconda ready to play. Lena and I both dropped to our knees and begun to tease that anaconda. Our custom BDK tongue rings were made to massage that yummy anaconda. It wasn’t long before we got our fair share of that billion dollar nut sauce. Premium sugar babies for the best Papi ever. 









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