I grew up poor white trash in a small town but I knew I was meant for more!
I was quite the little slut when I was younger. I had fucked just about every guy in town, any guy that would give me the time of day! I craved the attention and loved pleasing them!
But I did not want to end up like my mother, living in a trailer with five brats. So I decided that I would do whatever I had to to get out!
I packed a bag and headed for the city. Right away, I found a man that would take care of me. The problem is, old habits die hard and the trashy slut keeps cummin out of me!
So I am right back where I started… Doing what I need to do to get the bills paid.
There is nothing I wont do. Trust me, I have done it all!
I have a few sugar daddy’s. I just so happen to be an expert at tease and denial games. They keep me in nice clothes and I don’t have to worry about much but what I really want is that one guy…that one that can make me behave!
Do you think you can make me be a good little girlfriend? Can you Fuck me enough so that I don’t need to go whoring around? Can you take care of me enough so that I don’t need anyone but you?

I may be young but I love erotic roleplaying and can’t wait to explore some new scenario’s and have the best phone sex ever!

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  1. YasH

    do you date?

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