Clark Goes Downtown

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Your little Cherry pussy is on my mind at this moment, and I’ve got to taste it, that’s what Clark said to me before climbing on top of my shivering aroused frame and running his chiseled chin down my body past my breasts, past my tummy finally meeting my sultry, creamy cunt. When I felt the heat of Clark’s breath I started to bite my lips softly, I closed my eyes and prepared myself for pure ecstasy. When Clark goes downtown and starts devouring my hot pussy he really gets into it, he completely immerses himself into the experience. Clark softly bites my inner thighs and licks them with his warm wet mouth. My heart begins to beat my breath gets heavy I start to feel him even before his long thick tongue is inside. Clark doesn’t let me move when he’s down there he takes complete control, and I love it. Clark sucks my pussy like no other man in this world he really does it better.

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