Costume party with Big Daddy King

Sexy babeOf course Big Daddy King wanted his favorite sexy babe sugar princess on his arm for the elite Hollywood Halloween party that he was going to. BDK just closed yet another multi-million deal that gave us so much cash that we don’t even know what to do with it all! Cashing checks and breaking necks, that’s literally all that we do! It makes my tight little sugar baby pussy so fucking wet to know that my anaconda monster is filthy fuckin rich! He’s the best sugar daddy in the whole damn universe, there is no comparison nor will there ever be! I stay dripping for that cold hard cash! Anaconda is the dick slayer of all slayers and he owns my little sexy ass. He’s all mine and I am all his, Big Daddy loves it! This wasn’t just an ordinary costume party that we went to, it was star-studded and I looked like the ultimate Hollywood starlet! Who better in this world to escort the living legend Big Daddy King than me?! I was sooo excited to go and since i’m famous now too with all the Hollywood hot shots, I just knew that we would have the most epic night together! BDK knows all the A-list actors on a first name basis and they are all soooo curious about who I am and where my gorgeous beauty ascended from! Daddy King is proud to boast about his sexy sugar princess, there’s no one at the party who even compares to how hott I am! I was all dolled up in my Cowboy’s cheerleading outfit and of course Big Daddy was all decked out in his Cowboy’s Super Bowl Jersey! We looked so fuckin amazing, everyone was jaw dropped as they stared at us in utter amazement. We stop traffic wherever we go! I squatted over anaconda and rode on him like a cowboy with my tight pink pussy, I love watching him stretch me out! BDK and I always get so fucking nasty at the most inappropriate times, lol we literally don’t give a fuck! The world is our playground! We are so fuckin hot for one another, our sexual energy is undeniable! He looks so irresistible in his jersey, there’s no point in dressing up as anyone else besides himself since he’s already a living breathing legend! We step into that party and we fucking own it! The red carpet gets rolled out for us since we’re such a sexy celebrity couple! #BowDown #SugarDaddyOfTheYear #YouWish #RichBitch #EatMyAss

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