Dick Sucking Professional

Small dick humiliationAre you kidding me? Did you think I would let you fuck me with that tiny numb you call a cock? LOL! Am sorry you’re not fucking me. Your dick is so small. Are you sure that’s not a big clit? You shouldn’t wear boxers, you need to wear panties. I have some panties that will fit you perfectly. But before you put them on, let me take a picture of your tiny dick. My friends won’t believe me if I tell them how small your cock is, I need proof. Now put the panties on, you’re my little bitch. Do you know what little bitches do? They suck cock. You’re going to make me a lot of money with that pretty mouth. I’m going to have men lined up and ready for a blowjob from you. I going to keep you on your knees all day long. I want you to keep your mouth open and never let your teeth touch anyone’s dick. By the end of the day, you’ll be a dick sucking professional.

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