Do You Have an Ass Fetish?

ass fetishDo you have an ass fetish? I do. I am an anal whore. I love a big dick up my ass. I had my ass pounded for hours last night. This dude I picked up wanted to fuck a MILF in the ass. I wanted fucked in the ass. He left me full of cum. I was about to hop in the shower, when this little cuck I know knocked at my door. Perfect timing. I invited him in because I needed cleaned up. It was like he could smell the cum on me. Turns out he was stalking me. Saw a man go into my house and knew I was getting fucked. He is a creampie slut. This was the first time he got my anal creampie. I was on all fours, so was he. He buried his face in my fine ass and licked me clean like a good pet. I pushed the cum out. It flowed into his mouth like a faucet. He is such a pathetic loser. I mean who stalks a sexy babe waiting for her to get fucked just so he can clean up the fresh cum from her holes? Nick, my neighbor with a 3-inch dick, that is who. I laughed at him. He had an itty bitty boner from tasting a real man’s cum. So, tell me something. Are you the man who gets to fuck me or the loser who gets to clean me up?

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