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  I finally went out on a date with a guy who has been bothering about taking me out forever. He works net to me one building over. He seems so kind so I just had to say yes. He’s attractive and so charismatic. He took me to a nice fancy dinner. The entire time I was thinking how bad I wanted him to rip my clothes off and just fuck me. We got cheesecake and wine. At this point three glasses in I was ready. We went back to my place. He is remodeling his home. So, we get back and I get on my bed to pose and be as sexy as I can for him. He plays some music and starts to undress me with his mouth. He was so impressive. He kissed my body and nipples so perfect. As soon as he started to fuck me his phone rang. He ignored in he made me cum so quick and he just kept going. It was so hot. I love a man who can take demand and actually know what he’s doing. After, we got done. He called someone back and it just so happened to be his wife. Go figure right all the good ones are always taken, and I thought I was a whore.

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