Erotic Roleplay

erotic roleplaying reneeThe phone is ringing and my nipples get hard from the sound. I know your on the other end waiting for a hot and heavy erotic roleplaying phone session.I know that as soon as I hear your voice my pussy will start to throb and the juice will flow free while I imagine you on the other end, with your cock getting hard at the sound of my “hello”  We live out your favorite fantasy together. Our breathing getting heavier while each of us masturbates playing the scene in our minds for each other. I do just as you tell me too, taking my fingers out of my pussy every now and then to suck them as if I was sucking your pre-cum covered cock. You in turn suck your fingers like you would my swollen and sensitive pussy lips and clit. We try to make it last as long as we can but both of us know that our worlds will soon shatter into a million fragments of ecstasy. We make each other cum so hard that every muscle in our body tenses and the cum pours out of us like a dam whose levy has been breached. We hang up knowing that it won’t be long and we will be right back here, enjoying each other one more time.

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