Erotic Roleplaying at the Spa

Erotic roleplayingHe was the best masseuse I’d ever had. His fingers were kneading each and every knot out of my neck, shoulders, back and more with a skill and gentleness I’d only felt a couple of times before in my life. He kept working his way up my thighs, though, over and over, coming back to them every time he would finish another part of my body. At one point, his thumb grazed my pussy lips, but he immediately moved away, so I let it go. When he came right back there after my lower back, and I felt his fingers inching their way toward my ass cheeks, I was done. I grabbed one of his hands and put it between my legs. I started grinding my cunt back against his fingers, until he finally caught on and started to finger me. I reached around, too, and grabbed hold of his big, hard dick through his pants, stroking him like he was fingering me. I felt his mouth kiss my ass, then his tongue slide between my cheeks to lick at my ass hole. He finger and tongue-fucked me into a frenzy, then finally slid that big dick into my ass. I felt the pressure, the pain, then the fullness, and I enjoyed every moment, all the way up until I came so hard that I squirted all over his sack and thighs. He chuckled before pulling out to get us both cleaned up.

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