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 Roleplay phone sex 

 My ex came over and we have been broke up for a few months, but he keeps coming back for me. He just cant get rid of this pussy. I have been craving his cock, but I dont miss him. I want more then him, he doesn’t like that I love phone sex so he left, but anyways, I got him back over and I played with his ass, i love to feel that anal gland it makes my pussy drip. I want to play with your ass like I do his. He eat me out and damn was it good. I love the way he makes me feel when he fucks me in all my holes, its so good I moan and scratch his back and neck, I think of our sex from time to time and just play with my ass hole, and pussy.


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  1. Dustyn

    You fat pussy made my cock hard

  2. Ned

    Fucking slut, I need your pussy.

  3. Lincoln

    I need your bald shaved cunt.

  4. justin

    I could make you forget all about him

  5. Keith

    Hot ass sex!

  6. Justin

    I want to play with that hot ass of yours

  7. Daruis

    I would keep cumming back too!

  8. Jim

    Your pussy is so damn hot.

  9. David

    Gwen I want you all the time I have been dreaming about you too.

  10. James

    Sit that bald pussy on my cock, bitch!

  11. Dunbar

    Fuck your ex let me ride you instead whore

  12. rob

    youre sooo sexy

  13. Jack

    I will have you fingering and eating out my hairy ass.

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