Exhibitionist Sex

exhibitionist sexExhibitionist sex is in full swing now that summer is here. I love being out in the summer sun masturbating or exposing my sexy female parts. Funny, guys never say, “hey lady don’t show me your tits.” I was at a concert last night in a different city. I was drunk, horny and looking for some fun. Everyone wants to see concert boobies. I got on the shoulders on my male companion and flashed everyone my nice tits. Not exactly appropriate behavior for a classy woman or a school teacher, but it’s summer. MILFs just want to have fun. I made the big screen with my boobs. Other women started showing their boobs too. I started a trend. Men were thanking me for getting the party started. My drunk ass fucked my companion like a horny teen in our hotel room. I was all pumped up and drunk, which always leads to good fucking. I woke up, however, wanting more of the hair of the dog that bit me. My friend was passed out still. I went down to the pool wearing a tiny bikini. Sexy women maturating by the pool seemed like something that should happen, so I made it happen. There were only adults in the pool anyway. If guys don’t mind seeing boobs, they sure as fuck don’t mind seeing pussy either, right? I pulled my bikini bottoms to the side and played with my wet cunt while the sun beat down on me. The sun makes me so horny. I think it does everyone. Just not every woman plops down on the concrete and plays with her kitty so others can watch at a hotel pool.  But, I am not just anyone.  Life is too short not to have all the fun you can, right? You know you want to enjoy some summer fun with me.

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