Fuck my Feet

Foot Fetishes


There’s nothing better than painting my toenails, covering my feet with lotion and then wrapping them around a fat cock. I love men with foot fetishes because I have fabulous, fuckable feet. I want you to lick and kiss and worship them, rubbing them up & down with lotion, popping each toe in & out of your mouth and sucking them sensually, your cock growing harder. I’ll pull my feet out of your mouth and wrap them around your meatstick, I’ll let it glide up & down between my sexy, slippery feet, I’ll curl my toes around your balls and tickle the cum to the top with my red painted toenails, and then slobber on my feet and your dick, watching as the head swells. I pull my feet off as you cum, your hot spooge gushing all over my insteps and the tips of my toes. They’re still so irresistible, covered in your baby batter, that you just have to lick them clean.

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