Gwen Makes a Foot Fetish Video

best phone sexSo, my girlfriends, Sugar Daddy has a bit of a foot fetish. With his birthday coming up she wanted to do something special for him, but what to do for the man that has everything? The other dilemma was the fact that he was still out of town on business. So we decided to make a foot fetish video for him and what better place to make it than my backyard that looks out to the golf course. My girlfriend had on the cutest pair of pink patent leather high heeled shoes. She sat down on the grass and put her foot up by my face. I look her shoe off and started smelling it. Then I began licking on her shoe in a very devious sexual manner. I then dropped the shoe to the ground and picked up her foot. I loved sucking on her big toe especially since I could see the glistening juices of her wet pussy. She let out a loud moan and told me it was her turn to play with my feet. She started licking my toes but then she wanted to finger my pussy too. As she licked my toes she two finger fucked my pussy until I came so hard that I squirted. I hope her Sugar Daddy loves the video as much as I loved making it.

foot fetishes

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