Halloween Party

sexy chicksI went to the Halloween party at the country club with my husband. I was bored out of my mind but spotted something that caught my eye. I went to follow what got my attention. It was one of the bus boys. I signaled him to meet me in one of the empty ballroom venues. He froze and didn’t believe I was talking to him. I’m sure he is used to sexy chicks wanting his attention but not a sexy woman like me. He was tall dark and handsome. I knew he had a big black dick. I saw that bulge across the room. He wasn’t even hard. Once I got him alone, he was. I could see his dick was popping out of his pants and I knew I was going to get it in my mouth and tight ass. It is my weakness. Big beautiful cocks make me weak, and I need them badly. When I pulled it out, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I tried my hardest to keep quiet, but I kept moaning. Thankfully no one heard me, but I needed an encore. I grabbed his number, and I made sure to store it. I can’t wait to get my cock fix again.

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