Hearing You Moan

Erotic roleplayingHearing my men moan is such a fucking turn on that my clit will instantly swell up in size, making my sweet juices flow out of my tight pussy like a river. I do not think there is anything sexier than a man’s moan. Well, there is one thing that is sexier, knowing I am the reason the man is moaning, I love to please my man. I want to know I am turning him on more than he could have imagined. I want to feel his cock deep inside my pussy. Massage my wet walls going as deep as you can. Suck on my titties making them rock hard feeling my pussy get even wetter. I love to have my fat ass up in the air, letting you do as you please. Yes, I would like it if you would stick your thick hard cock in my ass. That first moan you give to me, makes me give one right back to you. Wrap my hair up in your hand, getting a nice rhythm as you go deeper inside of me. Then when you cannot hold that silk milk any longer, explode inside of me. I want to feel your silk run out of my ass like a flowing river. Before our fun is done, let me get down and lick you up, making that beautiful cock nice and clean. Do worry you know I will not forget about the big gorgeous balls that I love nibbling on.

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