I Love Married Men

Erotic roleplayingHaving hot married men is one of my many fetishes. Nothing will make my pussy drip more than fucking the hot cum right out of a married man. Just the thought of a married man going home to his wife with my warm cum dried on his thick cock will have my clit swell up with sensation. I have been fucking this one married man for a while now. When we get together it is an all-day fucking session. When he is about to bust a thick one, he puts his cock deep inside my pussy until it reaches my cervix. That is when he lets that thick sauce explode inside of me. Every time he unleashes his thick sauce inside of me, I explode in orgasm all over his cock. The way his thick hard cock throbs inside my dripping pussy is enough to send me over the edge. That isn’t the only reason I love when his sauce explodes deep inside me. See, my married friend and I love mixing our warm sex juices together. Our juices dry on his cock and he goes home to his wife. His wife isn’t a freak like me, she doesn’t appreciate a nice hard cock. She is the boring type who likes to lay on her back and fuck in the dark. My married friend hates fucking his wife he tells me he thinks of me when he is inside of her. That is when I came up with the brilliant idea to mix our orgasmic cum together and have it dry up on his cock. When he goes home to his wife, he will still be turned on knowing he is going to put his dried up cum cock right into his wife’s fuck hole. He told me the other day he finally got his wife to suck our dried up cum right off his cock. She had no idea she was cleaning my pussy juice right off his hard cock. Fucking married men will always be something I love doing. I do not think there is one married man I couldn’t resist.

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