I love Teeny Weenies


Small Dick Humiliation


There is nothing more humiliating for a man, I think, than a teeny weenie. They fit so nicely into panties, though. and over those panties, I’m going to make you slip on a nice maid’s outfit. Oh, you will look so pretty! I’ll collar you, make you put on your highest heels and I will take you down to the mall. If anyone asks about the get-up, you will have to tell them about your teeny weeny, and how you’re a sissy maid today and you love cleaning windows!  After you’ve been a good little maid and cleaned a few windows, we will head back to my place where you will watch me fuck another man while we both laugh at how tiny your dick is. If you’re lucky you can clean up after us, taking a  cool rag to our sweaty bodies and licking his manly man jizz out of me. You only wish you could come so much! Sissy Maid Training

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