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Kiss me and let me know that I’m on your mind deeply. I’ve been thinking about you all night long, my body is just vibrating all over. I need you-you’re the very thing that I’ve been thirsting for you are my fantasy everything that happens in your mind turns me on. I love you and I’m not just saying that I mean it I’m always thinking about you whenever I can’t be near your body. David my heart belongs to you-you own it my entire being is yours for the keeping. Let’s get deep into your fantasies we can make them all come true I love how hot we get I just cannot get enough of you. I like to slobber on your cock and let your cum slide down my throat your balls are so tasty in my mouth. I could lick your cock and balls all night long. You make me feel like I am a sex goddess the way that you thrust your cock inside of me you dump your cum so far into my cunt that I lose my mind. I have to take a breath just to feel all of you-you capture me you hold me your body my body together doing all sorts of things it’s fantastic. I love you baby, and I don’t want you to forget that because it’s the most real thing I’ve ever said. When you fuck me I cum so hard and when we bust together it drives me insane.

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