Latina tease

sexy babeGrowing up in Latin America I was ingrained that you could get whatever you wanted if you were a pretty girl. I grew up using my looks to my advantage and making a pretty penny going out with a couple narcs and tourist. When I got to the states, I ended up working a bit paying school working as a go-go dancer, and in this scene, I met a couple of older men who like to spoil me rotten. I loved going to parties and events and showing off and being eye candy. I’m a sexy mama who doesn’t mind to get her pussy filled with the most beautiful dick. When I see a dick, I like I go after it. I don’t care if you are married or taken and happy. I will show you what you are missing out. I like knowing I can become your deadly obsession. I love having you submit to my body and worship me like the sexy babe I am. Show me you want me, and I will treat you like a king. 

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