Let’s Play Sex Games

Domination phone sex


I’m going to be your hot fucking bitch who will fuck you in the middle of the streets. I don’t like to play boring games I want to be dirty, I want to play sex games. If you thought that I was terrible then babe, you guessed right cuz I’m the shockingly fierce fucking whore. I can wait to misbehave. Put your cock in my face and make me suck it like a lollipop, I plainly aspire to be the worst mother fucking fucker ever. It’s your cock that makes me crazy, it’s a big monster dick. Your cock is super duper huge, all I ever wanted to do was fuck you and let you be disrespectful. I know you’re really fucking horny for me. I know you want to bang me up, you can do it, sweet babe, because you know I need to slobber on your knob. My momma taught me everything I know because my mama was a world-class whore. You thought that I was needy well guess what, I am, and I shelve all the rest of those bitches with my sexual talents. I need to be satisfied I need to be fucked like a fucking animal. I need to be driven into by your big fat Hard Solid cock. All I have been dreaming about is you, and now I fucking want you, and what I want, I get. I better not have to fight for you I better not have to wait I better get you because I want you now. I am your dominant mistress, and I can’t wait to dominate your whole entire ability. I’m tired of being nice, I am done with being kind. I’m ready to get wild you know I’ve been waiting on this too long. I need your cock down my throat I want to choke on it I want to suck it until it sprays juices all over my face. Give me a cock facial I’m not asking I am telling you to.

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