Mature Sexy Babe

sexy babeA sexy babe can be any age. I am enjoying my forties more and more. I live close to the beach. Since it is summer, I spend my days at the beach basking in the sun and picking up younger men. There was a group of young guys playing volley ball that caught my eye yesterday. When their ball landed next to me, I caught their eye. They invited me to play a round. I have not played volley ball since college, but I was pretty good. I surprised myself with how good I still was at the game. I certainly surprised them. We flirted. I was enjoying the attention from a group of hunky men. What woman wouldn’t? I was in heaven with those sweaty college boys. They invited me back to their house for a cook out they were having later that evening.  Of course, I played coy at first, made them convince me, even though this cougar never had any intention of saying no.  That night, I enjoyed drinks, grilled burgers and the cocks of 12 young college studs. I felt like a coed gone wild. I guess I was a MILF gone wild. On my knees with big, hard cocks surrounding me made me feel young again. But I wouldn’t trade being a MILF for being a coed again. Now, I have the skills to handle 12 cocks at once. When I was a coed, I could barely handle one cock at a time and I didn’t know size mattered.

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