Morning Wood!

Sexy BabeI had a call first thing this morning from Brad. He had gotten up in the middle of the night and went downstairs for a drink. He forgot his daughter was having a slumber party. A living room full of half naked young little girls. Brad never knew how turned on he could be by that! He had to cum straight upstairs and tell me all about it! I could hear him stroking his cock describing the little ones right downstairs! I could even hear his wife snoring next to him! How very naughty he was being! Jacking off next to her! Imagining tight little pussies wrapped around his cock! He was so fucking turned on! Which of course made me so fucking turned on. I could hear him wacking away. So I started asking him questions. Like I wonder how tight those little pussy’s are. I wonder how hard it would be to push your big fat cock head inside one of those tight pussy’s! And that was it! Brad started cuming so loud he woke his wife up! I came just as hard as he did! What a wild wonderful ride!

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