naughty and nice

Naughty neighbor porn

Naughty neighbor porn is hot because I like to get a couple ideas. This year by far I have behaved pretty naughty, We are coming into the holiday season and I honestly am a little bit irritated at all the bozos who are already prepping and putting out lights, It was just Halloween yesterday calm down you guys, but seeing all the Xmas merchandise and all the people decorating early it has me thinking and flashbacking thru the year. Naughty or nice? I have been both but mainly naughty. I should feel a little bad but I don’t especially when I am fucking a big cock or having fun with my best friend. I love fucking and hooking up and if that’s going to put me on the naughty list so be it. I don’t anticipate I will leave the dark side anytime soon. Even though we are still almost a month and a half away from Christmas I am still going on my naughty spree every day looking for new cock and new cum.  Yum 🙂

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