Naughty Teacher and the Geek

naughty teacherI enjoy being a naughty teacher. I love it when a student surprises me. Tony seemed like such a geek. He is not Greek. He doesn’t play sports. He is a computer science major. He wears nerdy glasses and is a gamer. There was nothing about him that screamed that I wanted to fuck him. That all changed when he came by my office hours on Thursday. He was upset about a B on a test. That is not a bad grade, but to a smarty pants geek it seemed like failure. I tried to talk to him rationally, but then he did something unexpected. He pulled out his cock. He pulled out a big cock too. Holy crap I never saw that coming. The little nerd was trying to blackmail me. He said he heard I liked big cock and that I fuck my students. He wanted me to suck his dick and give him an A. Now, of course I sucked his cock. A 9-inch cock is nothing I pass on; however, I won’t be blackmailed. I recorded him while he was threatening me. Boy was out of his league with me. I played it back for him after we fucked. I told him I was not changing his grade. If he didn’t want blackmail on his record, he would come by once a week and fuck this sexy teacher. As far as his grades, I offered tutoring. I turned the tables on him, but I think he is hooked on my pussy now. He said he had never cum like that before. Being a total little geek boy, pretty sure many girls never think he has a big dick. I would have overlooked him too if he didn’t have balls of steel and think he could call the shots with this sexy babe. I have a knack for getting things the way I want.

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