Naughty Teacher Roleplaying

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah is my Tinder name. I have been hooking up with naughty boys who like some old school corporal punishment. I miss the days when you could discipline students. My generation grew up tougher because a bare bottom spanking or a wooden spoon to the ass never hurt anyone. In fact, it built character and taught respect. I am a bitch in charge sort of woman. I may be equal with worthy men, but I was not born to be some one’s submissive slut. I wasn’t submissive to either of my ex-husbands.  A friend of mine is on Tinder. She is like me, a sexy dominatrix. There are lots of men who love a dominant woman; maybe you are one of them?  Roy is 22. One of those millennials lacking character. He has harbored teacher fantasies all his life. We hooked up last night for some naughty roleplaying. He got into trouble for cheating on an exam. Corporal punishment with a side of humiliation was necessary to discourage cheating in the future. I made him pull his pants down. When I saw how small his pecker was, I could not help but laugh before my firm hand spanked his bare ass 100 times. He was aroused. Too aroused for punishment, so I put him in a cock cage. That would teach him not to be aroused, unless he was a pain whore. Turns out he was a pain whore. Even under lock and key, his little shrimp dick got hard. That’s when the teacher decided the strap on was required. I bent him over the desk and fucked his ass until he couldn’t take it any longer. I think I fucked some discipline into Roy. He texted me from his job today that he was sitting in an innertube. He asked me if I would be up for some erotic roleplaying this weekend too. I am always for that if you can handle it.

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