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I made You My SLut

I enjoy forcing you to be my slut.  Your therapy on these hot summer long work days is pleasing me!  My hot black teddy nighty and crotchless panties make you weak. Before you can have any pleasure for that small dick you must please my pussy with your mouth. As you are slurping my hot teen pussy three hung black me walk in. Your startled and questioning as I jump up and strip you naked. I force you into some little pink panties. I force you on your knees to get some BBC cocksucking training. You are my sissy cocksucker in pretty panties. I will make you my ass slut next. Dripping KY down your ass hole as you whimper and beg me not to. Too late as a Big Black cock slides into your virgin ass. A small dicked man deserves to be forced to be my sissy slut!  You are my ass slut now sissy boy. And this is only the beginning. I will have you begging for more.

Naughty Teacher Roleplaying

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah is my Tinder name. I have been hooking up with naughty boys who like some old school corporal punishment. I miss the days when you could discipline students. My generation grew up tougher because a bare bottom spanking or a wooden spoon to the ass never hurt anyone. In fact, it built character and taught respect. I am a bitch in charge sort of woman. I may be equal with worthy men, but I was not born to be some one’s submissive slut. I wasn’t submissive to either of my ex-husbands.  A friend of mine is on Tinder. She is like me, a sexy dominatrix. There are lots of men who love a dominant woman; maybe you are one of them?  Roy is 22. One of those millennials lacking character. He has harbored teacher fantasies all his life. We hooked up last night for some naughty roleplaying. He got into trouble for cheating on an exam. Corporal punishment with a side of humiliation was necessary to discourage cheating in the future. I made him pull his pants down. When I saw how small his pecker was, I could not help but laugh before my firm hand spanked his bare ass 100 times. He was aroused. Too aroused for punishment, so I put him in a cock cage. That would teach him not to be aroused, unless he was a pain whore. Turns out he was a pain whore. Even under lock and key, his little shrimp dick got hard. That’s when the teacher decided the strap on was required. I bent him over the desk and fucked his ass until he couldn’t take it any longer. I think I fucked some discipline into Roy. He texted me from his job today that he was sitting in an innertube. He asked me if I would be up for some erotic roleplaying this weekend too. I am always for that if you can handle it.

Naughty Teacher Farah

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah has a nice ring to it I think. There is a lot of truth in the moniker too. Summer time I normally never teach, but I was asked to teach one summer school class this year. The money was pretty ridiculous, so I said yes, even though it cut into my pool time. Today was the last day of that class, because regular classes start back up in 3 weeks. Oh where has the summer gone? On the last day of this 4 week writing class, one of my star pupils stopped by to discuss his final. I didn’t really know why. He earned an A- on it and got an A for the class. When he showed up, I knew what it was all about. He had a crush on the teacher. He couldn’t make eye contact with me. I cock teased him a bit to make sure. Instant boner in his shorts. You can tell by the way a man shifts his stance.  I ordered him to pull out his cock. He looked shocked that I would say such a thing, but he didn’t hesitate. I was disappointed. It was no bigger than a cocktail wienie. A young stud like that should have at least 6 hard inches for his sexy teacher; instead he had like 2 inches hard. A hot sexy woman like myself demands a certain cock size and he didn’t measure up. I would do him a disservice if I fucked him. I would have to fake an orgasm and he would grow up to be one of those clueless men who thinks cock size doesn’t matter. I gave him some adult education. Honesty is the best. I told him he wasn’t big enough for me, but he could worship my ass and pussy. Again, no hesitation. He was just happy to be servicing me. I am going to give him some private tutoring sessions. He needs to learn all about cuckolding sex, because he is never going to get pussy with a 2 inch dick.

Cuckold Decision

voyeur phone sex

I got your call today and you needed a session. You caught your wife sending texts to a black co-worker and you wondered what you could do to save your marriage. I told you that you had 3 choices. Divorce the nigger loving cunt. Ignore it and hope she grows tired of that game. OR embrace it, let her know that you know her secret desire and you’re willing to play along. I recommended playing the game since no woman really wants to keep a worthless black cock. They just want to play with it. If your wife craves it, let her have it. Watch her suck it. Tell her what a worthless whore she is. You take charge and give the orders. Demand that she spread her legs and let that nigga fuck her sloppy cunt. Make her beg for it. See her pain as she gapes open and receives his nasty jizz. Or you can be the cuckold bitch that is forced to watch as she belittles you and your small winkie. She gets the upper hand and the power as she takes control and leaves you with your cock in your hand and the taste of leftover nigger sperm in your mouth as you lap the creampie from her oozing gash.
Only you, my patient, can decide which one you will be. Keep me updated on your progress.

But it is so little!

sexy babe ophelia1I can’t help but laugh when he pulled down his pants! I couldn’t believe it! His little dick was smaller then my pinky. That is just so cute. A youngster would put him to shame. He thought I would even let him put that teenie weenie pee pee of his inside of one of my juicy forbidden holes. I told him to grab that little dick of his and rub it, rub it until he could make it look like it wasn’t so pathetic. As he rubbed that little stiffy of his I began to undress in front of him. I sat down and spread my legs wide, letting him see my perfect holes in which he couldn’t go inside of because he is just too small to get to ride this ride. Poor little one, if only you were maybe another 6 inches on top of that 4, but no, you are just to little for anyone to take seriously.