Naughty Teacher Summer

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah still plays even though school is out for the summer. In fact, it is the best time to play with students. I am Facebook friends with current and former students. I am not supposed to be, but my administrator rarely checks that stuff. He thinks I would never break policy by having inappropriate relations with a student. Plus, I have an account under a different name and picture as not to be detected. This is how I sext with students without getting busted. My inbox was full of messages when I woke up yesterday. Horny boys who were missing their favorite teacher. Charlie sent a dick picture which put him at the top of the list to be teacher’s summer pet. There was no denying this young man had an awesome cock. Long and thick, just what I need. I flirted over instant messenger with him, before I invited him over for brunch. He was going to feast on pussy. A good teacher’s pet wants to please his teacher and earn good grades. Turns out young Charlie is a natural pussy licker. He said I was not his first MILF. That was clear when I came on his face in five minutes. Then about another dozen times afterwards. Even though I could have been selfish as fuck, I had to show him the art of great blowjobs. I had not been working my magic on his cock and balls for very long when I heard the “Oh God.” I got a tasty creamy load of boy cum down my throat immediately afterwards. I refueled him with some food so he could spend the weekend between my thighs. Just because school is over for a few months doesn’t mean the learning stops. Some of the best things are learned in sex summer school.

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