Naughty teacher turned sexy trophy wife

Naughty teacher turned sexy trophy wife. I have to admit I do miss the days of being in my High school homeroom. I taught AP Spanish language. I loved dressing up and making all the students and faculty all excited. The other teachers hated my guts because I was a young hot latina with a nice strut, My tits are nice and my ass is nicer, I just had everyone eating on the palm of my hands. I met my husband who just wanted to tie me down, His son Mason was my student, We had a PTA meeting and he was there and he was love struct the moment he saw me.  All he wanted was to make me his hot trophy wife and let me spend a ton of money it sounded so good because we all know teaching salary is pathetic. I wish I knew the lack of good fucking would eventually make me a sex fiend slut. I now spend most my day’s shopping working out and swiping left and swiping right til I swipe a good dick, I love hot hookup apps because I get the cock I want.naughty teacher

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