Our Little Secret

Erotic roleplaying

Let Me dance for you. I know I’m going to turn you on if you let me. When I saw you walk into this club, I got instantly wet because you’re so fucking sexy to me. I knew it was you, but I decided not to hide because my boyfriend has no idea that I’m dancing in this club. I know you’re attracted to me too so why don’t you give me a chance to make you happy I want to dance for you babe. I know you seem nervous you feel like you’re wrong because my boyfriend is your best friend. I don’t want you to worry because it’s our secret we can keep it if you can keep your mouth closed. I know you want me like I want you let’s go back into the VIP room and we can explore our lustful feelings. I will give you an experience that you won’t forget, and I’ll give you a reason not to tell my boyfriend that you have seen me here dancing. Let me get in between your legs dig my head down on your cock take it out of your pants and kiss it for you. You look like you’re perplexed like you are sort of scared but believe me you won’t have to worry at all because I can keep a secret. I’ve always been attracted to you I just never said anything because of my boyfriend, but now we have the perfect opportunity since it’s just you and me and I’m half naked in front of you. I want you to relax and let me please you the way that you need to be pleased.


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  1. PJ

    Dig your body.

  2. zeke

    you suck cock so well

  3. Henry

    ur so fuckin beautiful pls be mine

  4. Ronald

    Sexy ass bitch

  5. zach

    damn i want some of that!

  6. Ben

    Down on your knees where you belong.

  7. seth

    Your so fucking sexy babe. I will keep a secret with you any day.

  8. aaron

    i want to be in on your secrets

  9. Carter

    Renee you are everything I have ever wanted and you know just how to please me.

  10. rick

    you need to gag on that cock!!

  11. Chris

    Hot voice and hot blog

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