Panties Panties Panties

tease and denialI made sure to spray my cute little lace panties with that perfume i love, Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Wouldn’t you like to smell my panties and jack off to my pussy juices smell. I always have to have my pussy smelling good looking good, you never know who you will meet. Out for the night at the club with all my Latina friends. We all getting down to some dirty dancing regeton music. I see you at the bar drinking your tequila shot, checking out my dance moves. Next thing i know you are right behind me with a blow-job shot for me. I was shy around you at first, but after the blow-job shot I was grinding my butt on that big hard package i felt. I decided to drop it low low low, I felt your heart beat through your pants baby.  Will you be the one to take me to a nice hotel? I promise ill let you take off my panties, Ill even let you keep them.

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