Pay My Rent You Loser

Erotic roleplaying I’m a sophisticated hottie with some deliciously creamy thighs and I deserve to have all of my rent and bills paid for by your loser ass! I know you can’t resist me and I know that you love to do whatever I say. You’re my weak loser boy sugar daddy that never gets any sugar, haha I love being a sexy ass bitch to you! Having my cake and eating it too is the best. Your fetish is my gain! I’m your reason for living, so keep on destroying yourself for me! My tits and ass own your bank account, so shovel it over to me you filthy mother fucker. Spoil me as much as I want! My rent is expensive and so am I, so get with it! While your human garbage ass is working and making a salary to pay for my lifestyle, i’ll be lounging lavishly by the pool, enjoying another beautiful day in paradise! You’re a dumb fanboy and you need to hand over your life savings right now!

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