Perfect fuck buddy

ass fetishI’ve got the perfect fuck buddy, As usual, I was looking for someone to fuck and to my dismay, it was somewhere a lot closer than I thought, It kind of just landed in my front door. I have a new neighbor and he came to drop off a package that he received by accident, It was my mail and it got mixed in with his, I was shocked at how cute my new neighbor was I had to invite him in to thank him, you know “Manners and all” I was wearing some white short shorts and he was staring so I could tell he had an ass fetish too. Things escalated when I stalled and he bumped into me, he felt my ass and got an instant boner, I was so excited to see how huge he was, I told him without hesitating let’s prop it out an play with it, I got it out and gave him the best head game ever. We got acquainted pretty fast.

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