Phone Humiliation: I’m Good at Being a Mean Girl

phone humiliationI love phone humiliation. I am a mean girl all grown up. I have always been concerned with appearances and cock size. I am not going to be seen on the arm of an ugly man nor am I going to fuck a man with a small dick. I am okay being called a bitch if it means I uphold my standards. I had a high school reunion over the weekend. My mean girl posse was reunited, and I felt like the Queen Bee again. Mark was this guy who crushed on me back when I was a hot teen slut. I rejected him because he was not attractive. The joke was on me, because he transformed himself. It has been 25 years since I saw him, but he looked like a movie star now. He lost a ton of weight, grew taller and developed some confidence. No more wallflower. No more reject. He was hitting on me again like we were back in school. I was game. He had a swagger about him now that in my experience comes with having a big dick. I was wrong. He may have had a big dick, but steroids have likely shrunk his package. I was so disappointed. We were in an empty classroom. I was about to give him head, when this 5-inch dick made an appearance. My laughter crushed him. He transformed to make me regret that I never went out with him in high school. Poor loser. I laid in to him like I do my cucks. He should not have been surprised by the small dick humiliation. Once a mean girl always a mean girl. I left in the classroom with blue balls and a hard clitty. I laughed my ass off. I guess once a loser always a loser.

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