Phone humiliation is what he got today

phone humiliationThis loser called me today for some fun times but all he ended up with was some phone humiliation. All I could do was laugh at him when he told me he was going to fuck me so hard with his lil 2 inch wannabe cock… he actually sent me a picture of it too and it was the smallest dick I had ever seen in my life! How exactly was he going to fuck me with that?? That dick was too pathetic for me to even touch let alone fuck! I told him to go sit in the corner and pout cus he wasn’t getting anything from me at all, I made him listen to me fuck a real man and he literally cried the whole time.  He was such a little bitch it was ridiculous! What was he really expecting tho? I can’t be the only girl that laughed when they saw his pathetic lil dickie, he should have known better!

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