Please Me Like I Please You

Foot FetishesEvery time that he comes in town he sends for me and no matter what I’m doing I stop and make time for him. He has women in every city and I don’t care I’m only interested in pleasing him so they don’t even enter my mind when I’m with him. My attire is always nearly nude and Red Bottoms, the man loves to spoil me rotten. He always says when your rich like him you attract a certain type of woman he’d tell me I’m that type of woman for certain. I dance for him and lick every inch of his body before I do all the sexual fantastic treats he loves so much. He tells me to take my clothes off slow he’s really talking about the shoes, the last item he’s a foot man. I’ve never made love to a man with such intense passion our love making last all weekend long even longer if he’s in town longer. I’m deeply in love with him and I don’t care how gullible or insane that sounds I still feel the way I feel. I understand him when he says he’s the worlds star but I’m his star. I melt inside.

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