Pure Ecstasy

GFE phone sexPush me up against the wall, sink your teeth into my skin and kiss my neck, your hot breath in my ear telling me how fucking irresistible I am, your fingers slipping in and out of my wet pussy slit as you whisper for me to cum for you. That to me is pure ecstasy, when you fuck me like you’ve missed me. Don’t even say a word, devour my body with all of the fire that I see in your eyes, your hand on the small of my back as we move to our own rhythm. My legs are wrapped around your waist, my heels on the back of your ass as I pull you even deeper into me. Let your lips dance between my creamy thighs and then let your tongue tango with my lips. I drive you absolutely wild as i’m wearing nothing but stilettos and a smile. Pretend you’re on death row and I am your last meal, consume me completely! This isn’t my first rodeo but I am going to ride your face like it is. Growl my name when you bust your huge load of cock cream for me, I want you to be my dirty sexual deviant! I’m quite a catch and you should feel beyond blessed and lucky as fuck to have the pleasure of giving me so much pleasure, just like how I deserve! It’s so fucking sexy to have GFE phone sex with you, babe!

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