Rub My Feet And Fuck Me

Foot fetishesMy sexy and perfect feet are my sweet spot, to say the least! I absolutely love having them rubbed and played with, licked and sucked on, that shit makes me so horny, especially when you’re doing it while we are fucking! They’re like my second g-spot, it feels so damn good and I get so turned on by how nasty you want to get with me! It’s so sexy how much of a naughty foot fetish you have, I want to see how dirty you really love to get with my set of yummy soles. I want to fuck your mouth with them, slip and slide your tongue in between my toes, tickling me and making me giggle with pleasure, I seriously love that shit! My pussy gets wet as fuck from the sensation, it sends chills up my spine! Massage my calves and ankles while you smother yourself with my feet! Bask in how delicious they are and use them to stroke your throbbing cock! Shove your shaft deep up in to me, stretch my lips out with your hard ass dick! I want you pounding my fuck hole while you obsess over my soft, silky feet! When you make me orgasm, it will be so much more intense and i’m going to squirt juicy cum all over you! It will splatter all over my creamy thighs, I want you to lick it up! Can’t wait to get kinky as fuck with you and all of your fantasies!

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