Sexy Babe and Professor

sexy babeBeing a sexy babe is hard work! I have a brain for business and a body for sin. I am an academic. But when guys look at me, they don’t see my brains. I don’t hide behind frumpy clothes either. I am proud of my body. I flaunt what I got in sexy clothes. Guys think women are either smart or beautiful, never both. I am both. I am smart enough to teach college and sexy enough to attract young hard students. I am not teaching summer school this summer, but I am still on campus a lot because I am working on a book. I have this young stud I hired to do some errands for me. The school pays him. He is a grad student in my department. Little do they realize they are paying him for stud services. Sure, he makes some copies for me and double checks sources and stuff, but most of our time is spent bent over my big wooden desk with his cock up my ass. He has an ass fetish and I have a big cock fetish. He is the best student helper I have had yet. This book may never get written at the rate we are fucking. What do I care, I’m tenured already!

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