Sexy Babe at the Beach

Sexy babeWe got to the house just as the sun was setting, and it was gorgeous. It was right on the beach, and we could stare straight out of the full-glass wall, and watch the sun set on the western horizon. His arms were wrapped around me, his chest solid against my back, and I was so turned on in that moment. I moved his hands down to my waist and started grinding back against him. He took the cue, but decided that we needed to step out onto the secluded wood patio first. He pushed me up against the railing that ran the span of the patio, grinding his hips into me as his hands squeezed my tits tightly. He kissed the back of my neck, ran his tongue over it, and then dipped down. He kept me bent over the railing as his tongue slid down my ass crack to my cunt. He pushed down on the center of my back as his tongue dipped into me, and his fingers came around to toy with my clit as he tongue-fucked my pussy. Just about then, I noticed a neighbor with a patio similar to ours was standing there watching us, and I didn’t even care. I lost myself in the feeling of the orgasm that was building in me, and felt his cock slide into me at last. My muscles clenched and flexed around him as he drilled up into me, driving me even deeper into my orgasm. We finally moved it into the house after that, but damn that was erotic!!

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