Sexy Babe Size Queen

sexy babeAs a sexy babe, I get the pick of the litter when it comes to guys. But just because I can have any man I want, doesn’t mean I do. I am a cock size queen, so just because you are handsome, smart and wealthy doesn’t mean squat if you have a small dick. I need a nice cock. I demand it and I am not against humiliation if you persist with your come on attempts when you have less than 8 thick inches for me. Mike found out last night that I was serious. My girlfriends and I were at a fundraiser for a friend of mine’s daughter. It was at a fancy bourbon bar. I was drinking 20 year old Pappy Van Winkle so I was not taking any shit. He told me he would  buy me a bottle of Pappy, which told me he was over compensating. I politely told him I can afford my own and that I was out with my girlfriends. He persisted. I asked him to show me his cock. I insisted I wanted to know what was giving him all that bravado. Well, it sure wasn’t his dick. He had 4 inches at most. I told him I wouldn’t wish his sorry pecker on my worst enemy. He insisted I look again. Even whiskey goggles wouldn’t have made him look big. I snapped a picture and stared showing ladies in the bar his small pecker. I twat blocked him. He learned quickly, you mess with me, you get small dick humiliation. Women were trying to make the picture bigger just so they could see it. He didn’t last long after the all the women he approached after me laughed in his face.  I went up to him before he left with his tail between his legs and suggested he buy himself a pair of panties because he was swimming in boxers. That made him cry. I made a man cry. Scratch that. I made a small dick loser cry. A man has a cock, not a clit. Stay on the porch boys if you can’t fuck the size queens. 

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