Sexy Babe Wake-Up Call

Sexy babeImagine it. You’re sleeping peacefully as the sun slowly creeps its way across the horizon. Your alarm is due to go off in a few minutes, but I reach across you and turn that off. I press my naked body up against your back and start massaging your chest and abs, kissing the back of your neck. My hand slowly works its way down toward your shaft as I feel you slowly start to stir in my arms. I feel your hand reach back behind me, grabbing tight to my ass cheek, sliding a finger in between them, just as my hand reaches your still growing cock. You turn your head as you start to peek out from behind your closed lids, and my mouth reaches to spar with yours. My hardened nipples press into your back just as your finger delves into my sphincter. Your cock pulses in my hand, and I just love the smooth feel of it sliding through my fingers. Finally, I have enough, and I pull you onto your back. I rise over you, straddling you as I go, and slide my hot, wet, waiting cunt right down onto your dick as I whisper a quiet good morning against your lips. I ride you slowly and gently, starting your day the best way I know how: with a loving fuck.

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