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Erotic roleplayingI Veronica am now a single woman. It was fun while it lasted but now I am on to a new chapter. You know I am an extremely sexual person. If I am going to be tied down, I need a man to match or beat my sex life. Anyway, I am so happy to be free again and spread my sexual wings. I am a very sophisticated woman out in public but I turn into a Sex goddess in the bedroom. I have a guy friend that I have known for years. I called him up a few days ago and let him know I am now single. He definitely didn’t waste any time coming to see me. Before I was married this gentleman taught me how to be a real freak in the sheets. His biggest turn on was roleplaying, he always wanted me to be a maid, when he was feeling really horny he wanted me to be his sexy mommy or teacher. I wasn’t surprised when he showed up to my house with brand new outfits to roleplay in. I guess after all these years we knew, if I ended up single we would go back to the old days. He didn’t waste any time getting into his character, as soon as he stepped foot inside the house he was talking to me as if the house was his and I was his maid. I didn’t do any cleaning after I put the maid outfit on at least not the house. I did, however, clean all the cum off of his hard throbbing cock once he got done shooting deep inside my pussy. Yea I can tell already thing single life is definitely for me.

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