Small dick versus BBC

Cuckold phone sexHey there you little dick, do you like what you see? Sure, we can have some super kinky fun together but just so you know, I’ve got a couple friends coming over soon to play with me. No worries, though, maybe if you’re a good boy we can all party together! Oh, but wait… you thought I meant it was my girlfriends that were stopping by?? Haha! Hell no, i’m the only bitch invited to this fuck fest. The sexy guys that will be here soon are big, black, buff, and hung like a motherfucker, just the way I like ’em! You wanna be let in on our fun?! Just be a good boy and stand back while the real men take charge of me. It’s okay, you can kick back and watch while I get fucked by delicious BBC! You can even jerk yourself if you don’t mind how puny your little pencil dick looks next to those huge slabs of thick dark meat. Don’t be surprised if they mistake your peen for a clit and want you to get on your knees to service their huge monster cocks! Open wide and eat their big clumps of jizz out of my tight cunt. Just remember, you were warned sweetie! I get so fucking horny whenever we have cuckold phone sex together!

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