Teaching the neighborhood teens

Naughty neighbor phone sex

I put the word out in my neighborhood to all the boys out there that on Saturday night I would be having a lesson on how to please a woman. I didn’t think many would come. I think boys tend to be pretty shy at that age and wanting sex or being verbal about wanting sex can be intimidating. So I was shocked when nearly every boy in the neighborhood showed up.

I had about 20 boys eyes on me waiting to see what would happen. I had a chair in the middle of the room and they were all basically sitting in front of it waiting. I took my place in the middle of the room and slid my robe off. I wasn’t wearing a bra so my tits were the first sight and there was an audible moan from the “audience.” I smiled to myself and thought they will all jizz their pants when I take my panties off. Lots of eyes got very wide as I slowly moved them down my legs, bending over so they couldn’t quite see. Once I stood up, I’m almost positive half of them came. I sat down on the chair, put my legs over each arm so my legs were spread wide and started my lessons…
Until next time…when the lesson is in full swing.

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