Tease and Denial Has Him Going Crazy

tease and denial

My games of tease and denial have men going crazy for me. Everywhere I go I flash my perky tits and nice round ass for them to peek at and they are practically drooling on themselves. I know right away that I have them so wrapped around my little finger that they’ll do anything I ask just for a chance to get inside my pussy. They can’t help themselves, having a sexy young girl like me whispering sweet kinky things into their ear. I love seeing how excited they get when I’m stroking their cock for them and they think that this is it, that it’s finally their chance to fuck me and then with a mischievous little giggle I stop. Leaving their cock aching and them begging me for more. Every guy thinks he has what it takes but little have the patience and the control of their cock to play with me. When they finally get their happy ending and I have their cock exploding all of that delicious warm creamy cum for me, they know it was worth the wait.

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