The Guy of my Dreams Steve

Exhibitionist sex


I think I’m in love and not like the times before when a guy just tricked me and pretended like he loved me, no this time it’s real without a dout. The first time Steve and I went out he treated me like I was a Royal or something.He took me to a beautiful musical and I got lost in story and songs. After the musical he took me back to his hotel suite and we dined in lambchops and kale with butter sauce, it was devine. I stayed the night at his suite we talked got to know eachother and laughed for what seemed like forever. Our love making session started out in the bubbles in the juccuzzi, I sucked his huge thick throbbing cock under the water and made him spray me with jack juice. I couldn’t get enough of Steve and he sure couldn’t get enough of my wet fat juicebox either. That was our first date so can you imagine all the nasty sexy things we have been doing since then. I bet you want to know and I want to tell you.

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