Wallace the Tattle

Mature phone sex


You better fuck me bitch that’s what this fucker walked in my fucking office and told me. My coworker Wallace said he saw me stealing money and he knew that I was a criminal, with a demonic glare he told me I was going to lose my job. I didn’t know what to say because I was stealing for about 6 months now, I begged the jerk not to rat me out. Wallace assured me he would not tell on me, but only if I would give him head and pussy. I told him what would not do it, he said bitch are you crazy, you better suck my dick you better let me fuck and you better not tell anybody what’s going on or else. Now I’m caught up in this bullshit because I’m a thief I cannot get out of it what do I do now. I guess I’m going to have to suck his cock. I think I’m going to have to deepthroat and let him do whatever that he wants. I told them that I would do it but only if he promised he would not ever report me. Now, this mother fucker he’s got me trapped in a corner, and he is a sieving fucking nightmare. I didn’t know he had the courage to even approach me with this kind of fuckery but guess what he did and now he’s going to get the very best of me. This mother fucker is a nerd he’s a geek he’s probably a virgin and I am going to have to suck his little Weiner. Okay, little wiener man I’ll fuck you when I suck your cock I’ll let you do whatever you want. He made me go into the employees VIP bathroom I had to give him head there. He said he wanted a taste of what he’d be getting all the time. We went into the bathroom and that’s where I got nasty I got down on my knees and I sucked his cock. And every drop of cum he spewed in my mouth I swallowed it up. For now, I’m in the clear but what else will I have to do in the future.

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