Young And Fine

Hot sexy womanI had the best call today! Murry called and wanted to tell me all about this YOUNG piece of ass he was fucking! I was shocked at how young she really was! Murry is a PERV! He was telling me how he met “Sabrina” at the park. He asked her to babysit for him.. and Murry doesn’t have any littleones at all! When she arrived he told her how much he wanted her! That he was willing to do anything for her. And the little slut said for 500 bucks he could fuck her! AND he did it! He fucked her so hard. Called her a slut and a whore! And she was chewing gum and texting on her phone the whole time! And Murry loved it! She demands her money UP front. And never looks at him or talks to him. What a slut! I wish I had thought of that!

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