Your a Waste

best phone sexLook at me, I’m told often I’m so cute or adorable. No one really knows how mean I can be. Accept for you of course. Why exactly did you follow me home? What did you think was going to happen, did you really think you had what it takes to handle me?

The moment I heard your steps behind me I could tell you were weak. The sounds of your steps screamed timidness and weakness. I turned to you and asked “What do you think you are doing? You can’t afford me, we’ve been over this. If you think you can catch me off-guard your even too pathetic to manage that.” You look so defeated by so few words.

I walk up to you and spit down at your feet. “You’re a Waste”.


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  1. Kelley

    Baby your so fucking sexy

  2. Travis

    They all treat you so nice don’t they, I get jealous when I think of how you smile for them I just want it to be me always.

  3. vinny

    cute lil pussy baby

  4. wimp

    You are so pretty like a Princess!

  5. Paul

    Oh baby I’m certainly no waste and you’ll be begging at my feet

  6. Frank

    Damn fine pussy you got

  7. Joey

    Yummy little slut fucking hot blog

  8. Doug

    Yes I am

  9. robert

    Oh, I can handle you Bitch!

  10. Harold

    I would be weak any day for someone as hot as you

  11. Charlie

    I am nothing a waste of space.

  12. Rene

    Can I buy you a car?

  13. Carl

    sexy little slut

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