Ass Fetish is What Men Develop When They Don’t Measure Up

ass fetishDo you have an ass fetish? I love to make disobedient men my ass slaves. In case you cannot tell, I am a dominant woman. I am a size queen too. I have broken many a man in my life. Sometimes, it is just what you must do. When I brought Tyler home, I assumed he had a big cock. He was in his 30s, so younger than me, but not as young as I usually go. Most of my lovers are in their 20s. Tyler was handsome, articulate and dressed well. He was all over me like a cheap suit. He had a lot of bravado for a man with a 4-inch dick. That is too small for me. I misjudged him. I had hope that if everything else was there, he would have a nice cock too. I was very disappointed. When he tried to get aggressive with me, I let out a litany of small dick humiliation jokes and I sat on his face. I made him eat my ass. I made him lick my asshole. He fought me at first, but I am stronger than I look. I am in my mid-50s, but I work out daily to stay fit and strong enough to fight off losers. I subdued him. He seemed to like it after awhile because he stopped resisting me and gave in to worshiping my ass. He licked up and down my taint, and he buried his tongue in my asshole. He eventually worked his way down to my pussy and licked me into a hot squirting cunt. The night did not turn out the way I wanted. I am sure it was not the way he wanted either. But once he stopped resisting my attempts to put him in his place, he started enjoying eating my holes. You may not be big enough to fuck me, but I can still find some use for you. Mature phone sex women can always find a use for men who do not measure up.

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